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The Facts about Merlot 

Merlot makes a slightly less tannic wine then Cab Merlot has deep color and if full bodied producing wines relatively high in alcohol and is produced primarily in France and California, and on a lesser scale in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, and other parts of the United States. Most wines from Bordeaux contain at least some Merlot along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.  

Some wine drinkers find Merlot easier drinking then Cabernet Sauvignon because it tends to be far less tannic.  Merlot is actually the most planted grape variety in Bordeaux and just about all major producers of wine the the United States include a Merlot as a stand alone red wine in their line up.  California and Washington produce some excellent Merlots in the 10 dollar range due in part at least to Americas affinity for Cab and Zinfandel Merlot tend to command a bit less then its' red brothers.


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