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The Facts about Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo Grapes and the wines they produce are both high in tannin and in acid.Nebbiolo makes rather unremarkable wines except for in scattered sites in Northwestern Italy.  Yet in some regions of Barolo and Barbaresco some producers prove what an amazing wine Nebbiolo can produce.  While not a grape that produces many economical bottles under 10 dollars we have included it in our directory simply because it is a great grape that makes some excellent wines.

Nebbiolo is both high in tannin and acid, which can make a wine that is a bit rough, fortunately is also produces a decent alcohol level that softens the final wine.  It color is deep and dark when young but when aged it actually develops orange like tinges.  Its aroma is complex and fruity with scents that are strawberry and jam like.  Tending to flavors that are earthy and woodsy along with herbal tones like mint, anise and eucalyptus and floral with rose like flavors as well.

The upper end wines from Barolo and Barbaresco are wines that can stand decades of aging with 8 years being a recognized minimum age time to produce that full potential and mellow the harsher tones of the wine.  You probably won't see many Nebbiolo wines reviewed at 10dollarwine.com but it is a wine that commands a higher price for a reason.  Great care, age and very specific regions are needed to bring out the best in Nebbiolo and even our staff appreciates the cost such needs require.


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