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The Facts about Sangiovese

Most famous in Chianti, Sangiovese is an excellent wine grapeThis Italian grape is famous in Tuscan wine produced throughout Italy's Tuscany districts such as Chianti and Montalcino.  Many casual drinkers of Italian wine would be shocked to learn in fact that Chianti is a region rather then a grape onto itself as many Americans assume Chianti is a varietal rather then a appellation.  

Chianti is indeed the most famous wine using Sangiovese, though there are even some Italian wines designated by term Sangiovese (catering to the American Market no doubt).  Growers in California have begun to grow Sangiovese as well producing wines with them in the Tuscan style and tradition.

The aromas and flavors of wines made with Sangiovese are fruity - especially cherry, often tart cherry, with floral notes such as violets and sometimes even a nutty character.  Most Chianti wines are not 100% Sangiovese but often include up to 10% of a blend with lesser character, like canaiolo and mammolo, and sometimes the two white grapes, malvasia and trebbiano.

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