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2002, Blackstone Zinfandel Review 
Over All Rating - "Highly Recommended"

Blackstone 2002 ZinfandelWhere we got it and how much it cost. 

Kroger Supermarket for $8.79 with our Kroger Plus Card.


General Impression of Blackstone Zinfandel, 2002

As always it is hard to not please me with any decent Zinfandel but this one was very good indeed.  Lots of berry with a lot of fruit flavor as well.  There is definitely a nice peppery spice to it in the finish with some good oak quality as well.  Zinfandel is one of the harder wines to find under 10 dollars, especially from the Lodi area of California.  This is a great one and the Lodi vines that the Zinfandel grapes come from are 85 plus years old, so this is indeed an "old vine Zinfandel" so for under 9 bucks this is a very hard one to beat.


What Flavors are Most Dominant or Evident In This Wine?

Berry, Apricot, Oak, Spice


What foods will this wine go well with?

No doubt that this wine is not as fruity and big as the Dancing Bull Zinfandel we reviewed earlier this month but it is very good.  It would be ok with a steak but may not be as perfect as a more intense Zin for that.  Burgers would be excellent, pork chops or good pasta.  Really want to do something different, try some dark semi bitter chocolate with this one for desert.  For a lighter treat try a glass mid day with some grapes and good cheese.


What's Grapes are In Blackstone  Zinfandel, 2002?

Will I keep it In My Wine Rack, If So How Much?

Yes and the only reason I won't keep a lot is because I have become such a fan of Dancing Bull so fast.  Still this is a lighter Zin more suited to some of my lighter wine drinking guests.  It also has a special quality due in large part to the blending of Merlot and Syrah.  With all the blending of vineyard sources and varietals this is really a very nice poor mans Meritage.  I will definitely keep a few bottles around and will age at least one another year just to play with it.  Honestly if I had not just reviewed that bottle of Dancing Bull last week this one might have rated Highest Recommendation vs. Highly Recommended.  I just don't think I am being fair to this wine right now so I will make the sacrifice and review it again some time next month.


Who Is Going to Enjoy This Wine?

Anyone who likes a medium bodied fruity but dry red.  This is a great wine and unless you just don't care for Zinfandel you will love it.  While those who can identify a "98 Opus 1", with a single sip it may not be that impressive but I honestly defy the average lover of red wine to find much to fault with this one.


What Does the Bottle or Vintners Web Site Say About this Wine?

From the Bottle - "Blackstone Zinfandel is produced from vineyards located throughout California.  At Blackstone, we believe each appellation contributes unique flavor and structure derived from the area's soil and climatic conditions.

We have carefully developed each vineyard lot to capture their unique flavors and aromatic qualities.  The ideal blend results in the Blackstone signature style, a wine that is integrated, with rich supple fruit flavors and elegant creaminess.  this Zinfandel exhibits fresh apricot and berry aromas followed by intense fruit and spice flavors.  Enjoy at home or in fine restaurants with a variety of flavorful cuisines.  ~ Dennis Hill - Wine Maker".


From Tasting Notes of The Black Stone WebsiteOur 2002 California Zinfandel is handcrafted from exceptional vineyards, each contributing to the distinctive flavors of this fine wine. The Zinfandel grapes were sourced from 80-year-old vines in the Lodi area of San Joaquin Valley, newer vines in Mendocino County and the historic Paso Robles area of California’s Central Coast.

The wine underwent 100% malolactic fermentation to reduce acidity and enhance flavor. Winemaker Dennis Hill matured the wine in barrels of 75% American oak and 25% French oak of which 30% were new and 70% were one- to three-year-old barrels. This added toasty oak character without overpowering the vibrant red-fruit flavors.

The 2002 Blackstone Zinfandel is rich in purple plum, smoky oak and vanilla aromas. The wine has intense flavors of fresh and stewed plums, with distinctive spice and black pepper overtones. A robust mouthfeel is complemented by a well-balanced texture and structure and a long finish. At Blackstone we believe in wines that are friendly, flavorful and balanced, encouraging the marriage between food and wine. Enjoy this wine with marinated and grilled meats, seasoned entrees such as veal with peppercorn sauce, pasta and spicy dishes.

The Blackstone Winery Website


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