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2003, Dancing Bull Zinfandel by Rancho Zabaco Review

Over All Rating - "Highest Recommendation"

Where we got it and how much it cost.

Local Albertsons grocery story for 9.99 a bottle.  This puts it at the top of the 10 dollar price point but it was more then worth it.


General Impression of Dancing Bull Zinfandel by Rancho Zabaco, 2003

The first word out of my mouth after the first sip was "wow" and that pretty much sums it up.  This is an excellent Zinfandel and unless I find some really amazing replacements it is going to hold a place on our top ten list for a very long time.

Given the bottle told me this was Rancho Zabaco's playful version of Zinfandel I was a bit concerned.  While I don't have to have big bold heavy Zin I am certainly a hedonist with Zinfandel and relish it above almost all other reds.  No let down at all with this one.

While easy to drink the flavors are full and even intense with a lot of black cherry and raspberry flavors.  This is an exceptional Zinfandel and I would be shocked to find that it would not enjoy even a bit of aging.  


What foods will this wine go well with?

Just about any hearty red meat.  I am a big believer that there is nothing wrong with red and chicken or white wines and beef if that is what you personally enjoy but this wine is really too much in my opinion for anything delicate like fish or chicken.  

The best fit steak, it just screams for a sizzling sirloin off the grill, (over mesquite coals would be heaven), well seasoned, juicy and rare to medium well.

Another good fit would be as a late night or mid day treat with some cold sausage and cheese.  Extra Sharpe cheddar would be excellent.


What's Grapes are In Dancing Bull Zinfandel by Rancho Zabaco, 2003?

100% Zinfandel 


Will I keep it In My Wine Rack, If So How Much?

I guess it goes with out saying, YES and quite a bit because I think some age will do it well.  This will be a wine I will bring out for friends that really love reds.  If the price point on this bottle was 15 dollars vs. 10 it would still be a great value.


Who Is Going to Enjoy This Wine?

Anyone who likes moderately intense fruity reds.  It is not a light weight by any stretch but it may be a good first "real red" to move some white and Beaujolais or other really light red drinkers into as a step up.  Over all if you love a good Cab, Zin or Merlot you will not be disappointed in this one.


What Does the Bottle or Vintners Web Site Say About this Wine?

From the back of the bottle:  "At Rancho Zabaco, we pride ourselves on producing award winning Zinfandels crafted with grapes from top vineyards in California.  Our Dancing Bull Zinfandel is no exception.  Winemaker Eric Cinnamon Chose Zinfandel grapes predominately drawn from vineyards in the up and coming Lodi appellation to create our Dancing Bull Zinfandel.  The wine is bright, zesty and bursting with flavors of black cherry and raspberry.  Dancing Bull Zinfandel - Playfully Zinful".


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