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2004, Almira Los Dos Old Vines, Grenache - Syrah  Review 

Over All Rating - "Highest Recommendation"

Where we got it and how much it cost. 

At a new boutique wine shop in Mansfield called Wine Styles for a price of 9.99.

Where is this wine made. 

In Sierra Iberica Spain.


General Impression of Almira Los Dos, 2004

I saw one thing on the label that made me try it well more accurately two words, "old vines.  As an old vine Zinfandel freak when I see those words I look deeper then finding the primary grape to be Grenache with a little Syrah to balance the wine I was hooked.  In my opinion Grenache is an under appreciated grape.  While the back bone of my famous Rhone wines and the key to producing some amazing French blush wines made from mostly Grenache are largely unknown.

This one is really a very nice wine, it is intense without being overwhelming so much so that you could eat a big or a light meal with it and be happy with it either way.  The surprise is while light and fruity the finish is long and enjoyable.


What Flavors are Most Dominant or Evident In This Wine?

The dominant aroma is cherry with a tiny bit of smoke as well.  The flavors are cherry and currants and definitely blackberry.  No oak at all appears to be in this one.  I think that was a good choice by the vintner, the fruit is really nice and this wine would be overwhelmed by oak.  The tannins are nice and soft and the mouth feel is light yet complex in its' own way.  There is a sweet and dusty character to this wine which is common in better Grenache wines.


What foods will this wine go well with?

It may not be big enough to be perfect for steak but you could do far worse.  I would say classic Spanish foods of course will fit naturally with it as would simple cheeses (which I enjoyed a few glasses with).  If you are eating at a Spanish restaurant and doing the group thing with Tapas this one is versatile enough to handle the variety.


What's Grapes are In Almira  Los Dos, 2004?

93% Grenache and 7% Syrah


Will I keep it In My Wine Rack, If So How Much?

May be?  I mean I think a bottle around most of the times is a good idea but I just don't think this one will handle aging very well.  I really wish it would as it is just plain exceptional.  I will probably gab a few bottles and set them aside but doubt the age potential is much beyond 2007-8 on this one.  


Who Is Going to Enjoy This Wine?

People that like lighter fruity red wines.  This is not like a big old vine Zinfandel it is much lighter.  Yet is its interesting in its own way and certainly more complex then a Grenache from young high producing vines.  If you like heavy reds but the weather is hot but you still don't want to go all the way to Chardonnay this is a good compromise.  If you have a friend you are moving up the red wine spectrum this one is easy enough drinking that it may be a great one to share with them.  The tannins are really mild so if you have an aversion to high tannins try this.



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