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2005, Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages Review 

Over All Rating - "Highest Recommendation"

Where we got it and how much it cost. 

Our Local Kroger Store for 7.99 with our Kroger Plus Card.

Where is this wine made. 

As the name indicates in the "Villages" Appellation in Southern France.  There are 39 villages in the Haut-Beaujolais from which Beaujolais-Villages is produced, and if the wine originates from a single village, the village name may follow the indication Beaujolais-Villages.  See the map Below.


General Impression of Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages, 2005

This wine is not serious nor is it meant to be.  This is just a fun wine to drink for informal celebrations and above all it is the perfect wine for Thanksgiving.  Try this with cranberry sauce, turkey and sweet potatoes and you will just love it.

In fact this is one of the best Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner wines there is and it is a tradition as such for many.  It is very easy to drink and unlike most reds it is at its' best well chilled, not cold mind you but very close to the temperature you would serve a white wine at.

It is not something I would want to drink everyday because it is so fruity and honestly far to easy to drink to much of to fast if you are not enjoying enough food to counter the effects.  Still at 8 bucks it is one of the true gems and if you are really trying to get a white wine drinker to give a red a fair shot this one is probally a great first step.  Personaly it would be a very odd day that I turned down a glass of this one.


What Flavors are Most Dominant or Evident In This Wine?

There is almost enough strawberry to make you wonder if they drop a few into the vats when they crush the grapes and it is just wonderful.  The color is garnet and I know it is a cliche to call a wine, grapey but this wine is none the less quite grapey.  The wine is simple and complex at the same time if you take the time to pick it apart.  There are nice earth aromas and flavors in it probally from the slate soil the Gamay grapes are grown in.


What foods will this wine go well with?

As mentioned above this is a perfect match for Thankgiving Turkey and the rest of a traditional meal.  Yet there are a lot of other good fits, you certainly could enjoy it with steak so long as it was a full meal with veggies and not just meat and potatoes if so it will probally not hold up.  Light meals will fit perfectly like when you want red wine but you want to eat simple chicken or fish meals this one will do well.  It is also nice as an after dinner night cap on its' own.  This wine is just plain fun, if you think it will go with something try it you probally won't be disapointed.

What's Grapes are In Louis Jadot   Beaujolais-Villages, 2005?

100% Gamay Noir


Who Is Going to Enjoy This Wine?

If you don't like this one you probally won't drink any red wine at all, I will leave it at that.


What Does the Bottle or Vintners Web Site Say About this Wine?

Nothing worth noting, perhaps if the French would learn to communicate with their marketing a bit better they would do better in reaching the general US audience.


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