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2004, Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay Review 

Over All Rating - "Highly Recommendation"

Where we got it and how much it cost. 

At our local Kroger Supermarket for only 8.99 with our Kroger Plus Card

Where is this wine made. 

By Robert Mondavi vineyards in California's central coast.


General Impression of Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay, 2004

This wine is something a bit different then most sub ten dollar domestic Chardonnays.  Not the typical crisp light fruity chardonnay it is much fuller bodied and honestly quite wonderful.  Mondavi has really pulled off producing a value priced wine that tastes and feels more like some of the higher end Chardonnays that sell in the mid twenties and higher.


What Flavors are Most Dominant or Evident In This Wine?

The flavors are a lot of tropical fruit notes which are characteristic of Central Coast Chardonnay with the toasty, creamy, buttery characters.  There is also ripe pear, apple and peach and some butter cream, vanilla, honey and baked bread.  That is a lot going on for nine dollars a bottle.  The aromas are mostly of pear and oak.  There is some great oak character in this wine but as only 20% of the wine is aged in oak it is not dominant like some more oaky chardonnays.  It is a nice balance and a very full bodied rich chardonnay.


What foods will this wine go well with?

Rich dishes like fettuccine Alfredo are a great fit.  Any good flavorful chicken or fish dish.  Cheeses are a perfect fit too specifically rich flavorful ones.  White Sharpe Cheddar would be real nice.  With fish try things like sword fish, seared tuna and grilled salmon.


What's Grapes are In Robert Mondavi  Private Selection Chardonnay, 2004?

98% Chardonnay, 2% aromatic white varieties (I would like to be more specific but that is all the Mondavi web site will tell me)


Will I keep it In My Wine Rack, If So How Much?

You bet I will keep a bottle or two on hand and perhaps put up one or two I think this one has enough body to handle a bit of age, not a lot but it will keep 1-3 years.


Who Is Going to Enjoy This Wine?

This is not for light white drinkers at least not at first it is very full bodied and rich.  So if that's what you like you will love this.  If like me you are often hard pressed to be pulled away from big reds like cab and zin you may want to pick this one when you need a white but really are craving a red as it has enough going on to satisify the hedonist impluses.




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