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2005, Beringer Chenin Blanc Review 

Over All Rating - "Highest Recommendation"

Beringer Chenin Blanc is a Great WineWhere we got it and how much it cost. 

From our local Kroger Supermarket for $4.99 with a plus card.  This wine is widely distributed so you should be able to find it in most wine retail outlets.

Where is this wine made. 

At Beringer Vineyards in St. Helena, CA


General Impression of Beringer Chenin Blanc, 2005

It is really wonderful to find a California wine that hits the 5-6 dollar price point that is not only a good wine to drink but is also a little different and unique.  This wine is so wonderfully fruity it seems to be much sweeter then it is.  While the residual sugar is very low and the wine itself is quite dry the fruit is so clean and up front you really are inclined to call it sweet.

The mouthfeel is also really nice with a slightly viscous feel that good Chenin Blancs are known for.  It is rich and even a tiny bit creamy in texture.  As the wine warms a notes of vanilla and ginger emerge which just makes it that much more wonderful. 

If you are looking for a nice inexpensive white wine that will please even the typical white zinfandel addict with out offending the chardonnay and sauvignon blanc drinker give this one a try.  It would be hard to argue with this wine at 9-12 dollars a bottle but at 5-6 it is just honestly a steal.


What Flavors and Aromas are Most Dominant or Evident In This Wine?

The flavors I found more prominent were pear, crisp citrus, melon, and ginger along with a nice hint of vanilla hidden with in it.


What foods will this wine go well with?

This would pair so well with something like a light meal consisting of a Chicken Caesar Salad along with some cheese (Parmesan or other hard white cheeses are perfect) and perhaps a light creamy soup it is hard to think past that idea.  Yet you should because there is a lot more potential with this wine.  It would be nice with spicy chicken dishes but even has enough complexity for beef dishes.  I would not put it with a steak or roast beef or anything like that but pepper steak and mushrooms or other oriental dishes that include beef would be excellent parings.  Honestly this is one to experiment with and see just how far you can push it.  


What's Grapes are In Beringer  Chenin Blanc, 2005?

The majority is clearly Chenin Blanc but I can find no further information if there is any other variety included or not.  My best guess is this one is 100% Chenin Blanc based on its flavor profile.


Will I keep it In My Wine Rack, If So How Much?

Possibly a bottle here and there but this one is not meant to age much over two years and you can find it anywhere so it will probably be something I just pick up when the mood strikes me in any quantity greater then one.  But I will probably keep a bottle around most of the time because it is excellent at the price point and there are just not that many really good American Chenin Blancs in the first place, let alone for 5 bucks a bottle.


Who Is Going to Enjoy This Wine?

My wife who is primarily a blush and white zinfandel drinker really enjoyed this wine.  I am a hedonist for old vine zinfandel and I really enjoyed it as well.  Now it is nothing like white zinfandel or old vine zin but the fact that both of us found it enjoyable should give you an idea of the wide range of wine drinkers who will find this wine agreeable.

The broad appeal comes from the off dry and very fruity taste that pleases the light wine drinker.  Those like me who love rich reds and heavy whites will be please by the way this wine is different and unique to itself and how well it pares with lighter foods and simple cheeses.  If you just want a nice enjoyable glass of wine that is not to serious about itself this one is sure to please.


What Does the Bottle or Vintners Web Site Say About this Wine?

From the Vintners Website: Gentle handling and careful attention is given to the Chenin Blanc grapes from the vine to the glass. To retain the delicate varietal flavors of crisp citrus, melon, and spicy ginger, Beringerís winemakers chill the juices immediately following crush and continue to closely monitor the temperature throughout fermentation. Just before dryness, they cool the juices even further to halt fermentation and retain a smooth, lush mouthfeel and lingering finish.


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