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2005, Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay Review 

Over All Rating - "Highest Recommendation"

Where we got it and how much it cost. 

Our Local Costco for 4.99

Where is this wine made. 

According to the bottle South Eastern Australia I could not find anything more specific then that even on the Lindeman’s web site.


General Impression of Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay, 2005

First thought come on America wake up!  How can the Australians make such an exceptional Chardonnay, ship it all the way to the US , pay tariffs for import and still keep a price where a retailer can sell fewer than five bucks?  Other then Barefoot Chardonnay I have yet to find anything close from the US under five bucks or under six for that matter. 

This Chardonnay was also clearly made with the intention of exporting to the US catering to the US with enough Oak to have that distinctive oak character that many Americans think is a “Chardonnay taste”.  This wine has a lot going on at this price point great flavors like cedar and spice and oak in the back ground with lots of citrus up front and in the aroma.  You will never be displeased with this wine if you want a nice Chardonnay.


What Flavors are Most Dominant or Evident In This Wine?

Aromas are mostly tropical fruit, citrus and fig.  Dominant flavors are pear, citrus and honey up front with cedar, spice and oak in the finish.  Like I said a LOT going on for five bucks.


What foods will this wine go well with?

Typical matches for an acid and oaky chardonnay like Salad, Chicken and Seafood.  My craving when I was having a glass and writing this review was chicken breast pounded thin and marinated in white wine, garlic and ginger then grilled over mesquite coals.  Add a spinach salad (with real crumbled bacon) at the beginning, throw on a side of grilled vegetables with the chicken and some nice roasted red skin potatoes and you have something real special and a perfect match.


What's Grapes are In Lindemans  Bin 65 Chardonnay, 2005?

100% Chardonnay according to tasting notes on the Lindeman’s web site.


Will I keep it In My Wine Rack, If So How Much?

Sure I will keep a bottle or two from time to time but won’t stock up on it.  Why not despite my rating of Highest Recommendation?  Well for one this wine is not meant to age at all it is peaking now in early 2006 and won’t get any better.  Next, it is so easy to find if I want a bottle I can leave the house hit any local market, grab one and be home in less then fifteen minutes.  Last having consumed this wine regularly for a decade I can tell you the quality is so consistent year to year that I know when the 2006 comes out it will be just as good.  


Who Is Going to Enjoy This Wine?

Anyone who likes a nice oaky chardonnay, while it is from Australia this is a classic American style chardonnay.  At the price point one would be hard pressed to do better.  With as easy as this wine is to find in any store the biggest reason to keep some around is that if you have a guest that enjoys Chardonnay they are going to love this one.


What Does the Bottle or Vintners Web Site Say About this Wine? 

From the Wine Makers Tasting Notes:  "Lindemans wines promise more than the partnering of quality grapes and craftsmanship. Every wine also contains the spirit and passion of our founder, Henry J Lindeman.  

Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay is internationally recognized as one of the best value-for-money wines available throughout the world. Renowned for consistency and quality, this is achieved by Lindemans' firm adherence to the style formula and sourcing of the best parcels of fruit each vintage, from a wide array of premium growing areas throughout the southern states of Australia. 

The generous flavors and contemporary, easy-drinking style of Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay combines easily with food and most social occasions to deliver maximum enjoyment from the first glass to the last".


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